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Mindset Coach

What is Life Coaching?

What is Life Coaching?

Put simply... Coaching is about helping people to get from where they are now to where they want to be.

Coaching is about working with people to set and achieve their goals by:

  1. Helping them to get clear about what they truly want

  2. Reviewing where they are now and what they’ve tried so far

  3. Coming up with and discussing options for action

  4. Agreeing a plan to make it happen

Where mindset coaching differs, is that in addition to the four steps above, I work with my clients to uncover the beliefs, blocks, behaviours, habits and patterns of thinking that prevent them from living the life they desire.

Taking these insights into what makes you tick, I use a range of reprogramming techniques to banish those blocks and replace them with ones that serve you!.

By working with mindset in this way, I pave the way for faster results, greater transformation and lasting success.

I do this in several ways:

  • Through removing you from the stories you tell yourself

  • By helping you disassociate with the reasons you 'can’t'

  • By helping you set and look forward to achieving new goals

  • By helping you to create empowering beliefs and attitudes

Triangle of Transformation

The key to transformation success!


Benefits of coaching

Improved self-confidence

Unfortunately, we are not always the best judges, sometimes being overly harsh or critical of our perceived shortcomings. I can help you rebuild your self-confidence, stop dwelling on past mistakes and move you forward.

A different perspective

We are often consumed by our own opinions, life experiences, and way of thinking. I can provide a new, helpful perspective on things.


Heightened self-awareness

Life coaching is the foundation of self-awareness and I will develop your self-awareness through practice and by focusing your attention on the details of your personality and behaviour. Coaching will help you develop an interpersonal and intellectual understanding of yourself.


Create a balanced life

I can assist in identifying what balance looks like for you and define action steps to achieve a more balance in your life. A life in line with your values!

Achieve goals!

We all have dreams in life, but very few people crystalize these aspirations into tangible goals to systematically accomplish. A major benefit of life coaching is being able to define your life goals and create a concrete, doable plan to achieve them.

Discover clarity of purpose

Are you clear on what your purpose in life is? This is a very individual and internal fire that burns within. It’s your desired direction in life. Clarity of purpose is vital if you want to pursue your dreams, I can assist you in creating this focus.

Do what you love

Finding that one thing you love more than anything else and doing it every day is a large contributor to happiness and satisfaction. Having clarity of purpose unlocks insights into what this may be. This is another one of the many benefits of having me in your corner.

Follow through on commitments

Partnering with a life coach is about more than providing guidance to untap your potential, it also creates accountability. You will have an ally that holds you to your word and ensures those goals get pursued and tasks are completed.


Stay motivated

One of the most sought-after benefits of life coaching

Setbacks and roadblocks can derail the best of us. One of the most sought-after benefits of life coaching is to sustain the discipline and maximum effort during challenging times. You’ll likely discover pockets of inspiration and hunger that you never knew existed.


Discover your best self

Many of us spend too much time comparing ourselves to others and focussing on what we perceive to be our flaws. Discovering your best self is one of the priceless benefits of life coaching.

Unlock potential

Many of us have latent potential that is hidden by limiting beliefs.

Life coaches unlock this potential by opening you up to alternate ways of thinking and creating clarity for your direction in life.

Manage time and productivity

Everyone has the same amount of time in the day, but some people use those 24 hours more efficiently than others. Working with a life coach can help you better manage your time, set priorities, and get more done.


Eliminate negative thoughts

As well as looking at the positive aspects of life, such as your purpose, goals, and potential, life coaches are armed with a series of techniques that can help you eliminate or reduce negative thoughts that hold you back.


Overcome your fears

By minimizing negative thoughts, embracing your strengths and communicate with the subconscious, I can help overcome fears that have been restricting your ability to achieve your dreams.


Unearth creativity

You can work with a life coach to brainstorm ideas and unearth creativity that is sitting dormant in the depths of your subconscious.


Eliminate bad habits

When bad habits are embedded in our day-to-day life, they diminish our ability to perform. Working with an impartial third-party will help you determine what these habits may be and learn to eliminate them.


Be aware of your values

Our values are those deeply held principles that influence our behaviour and motivate us to do things both large and small. Given the sheer influence of life values on every action, being aware of what they are can revolutionize the way we live and perform.


Better decision making

Despite thinking that we act rationally, most people make decisions based on emotion or entirely subconscious processes. With a deeper understanding of how the mind works, you can reframe the process of decision-making so that it becomes simpler and wiser.


Improve physical well-being

Life coaches can offer more than just emotional and psychological support. They can also work with you to create and execute a plan for improving your physical well-being or losing weight. A healthy body often results in a healthy mind too.


Reduce stress

Stress is a common occurrence for a large portion of the population. Financial burdens, career-related issues, or personal relationship problems can result in mental instability and stress-related health concerns. Life coaches have access to relaxation techniques, such as NLP, which can reduce the mental habits causing stress in your life.


Improved Mental Health

Depression and anxiety are a society-wide health problem with several complex elements, none of which are an easy fix. However, having an ally in your corner who understands you, can result in an improved way of handling issues and preventing mental illness.