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Coaching Programs

Danny recommends a minimum 6-weeks to build a successful coaching relationship. This gives us the ability to build a trusting relationship and have time to work through any limiting beliefs or other inner blocks that are holding you back.

Both of his programs start with a complimentary 45-minute strategy session, where we start the reflection process to identify your barriers and begin to map out your desired outcomes.

STEP 1: Pre-work

Before commencing the first session with Danny, you will be provided with a copy of his Mindset Mastery Handbook. Danny knows that in order to live your life to the fullest you need to first understand who you truly are, and what you want out of life. Within the workbook you will identify your Core Life Values. This step is what really makes Danny's programs unique!



During the first few weeks of working with Danny you will be identify limiting beliefs that are holding you back from achieving your desired outcome. Before you can tackle goals in your career, relationship or health, you must first do inner work to develop a greater understanding of yourself, your habits and how you view yourself and the world.


During our partnership we will focus on developing patterns to help you overcome these beliefs and achieve breakthroughs. These patterns will become regular habits that you can use for the rest of your life.


The rest of your work with Danny will focus on reinforcing your new patterns and using them to achieve the goals you set in the beginning of your coaching program. As you achieve goals, Danny will celebrate your successes with you and help you set new goals to tackle.

With Danny, you will utilise the best resources, strategies and ongoing support to create an extraordinary quality of life!

Innovation Package

Suited for:

  • People who already have some strategies and a solid level of self-awareness

  • Just need some extra help to address some limiting beliefs

  • Want to work on just one goal

What’s included:

  • 6-week private one-on-one coaching (6 x 1-hour weekly calls)

  • Initial About You questionnaire

  • Customized follow up emails

  • Copy of my Mindset Mastery Workbook

  • Additional resources

  • Unlimited email/messaging support for the length of the agreement, with a response of 24 hours

  • Access to my E-Guide and my E-book

Transformation Package

Suited for:

  • For people who are at the start of their journey

  • Needing to build greater self-awareness and lack strategies to move forward.

  • Have multiple goals

  • Wanting longer term support

What’s included:

  • Innovation Package

  • Further 6 monthly private one-on-one coaching sessions

  • Initial About You questionnaire

  • Customized follow up emails after each session

  • Copy of my Mindset Mastery Workbook

  • Additional resources (where required)

  • Unlimited email/messaging support for 3 months with a response of 24 hours

  • Access to my E-Guide and my E-book

Included in this package is my promise:

You will come out with greater self-awareness and strategies to keep you moving forward, or I will work with you monthly for free until you do.

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